Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Great Outdoor Living Challenge: I'm in!

This morning while reading Ginny's blog, I ran across this little guy,along with a link to this blog. Turns out there's a meme going around Blogger challenging folks to spend time outdoors with our kids every day during the month of April, snap some photos, and post them to our blogs. (Check it out here.)
I figured I'd go ahead and jump into the game, even though April is already half over. As regular readers of my blog know, I rarely post pictures of my kids, and when I do, I try to keep their faces obscured. I also try not to post anything that would be too specific about where we live. (It's a public blog, don't cha know--just trying to keep everyone safe...)
Anyway, I thought I'd start with a recap of some of the outdoor fun we've already had this month, and starting today I'll try to keep a daily photo journal here.
We spent Easter weekend with my parents. The kids spent most of Saturday playing in their backyard. Here's Moe looking for frogs in one of the two springs behind Grandma and Grandpa's house,

and this is one of several he found. He let them all go later, of course!

It isn't Easter without an egg hunt!

We are so blessed to live by the water. Last weekend Curly and Moe decided to do some fishing. I don't think they caught anything, though!

When we took an evening walk earlier this week, Moe managed to find a crayfish in the nearby creek. It was getting dark; I don't know how in the world he managed to spot it.

Yesterday was an outside kind of day. Curly and Moe fed the ducks and geese,

and later I took them out to hunt for a geocache near our house.

This was the first geocache we have found since last Memorial Day Weekend. The sad part is, this particular cache has been hiding less than a mile away for the last year and a half, and we never went looking for it until now.

Larry decided to take the Kayak for a spin on our little lake. He doesn't like having his picture taken, as you can see! I think the pollen was even thicker than on Friday, when I took the photos for my last post.

Today promises to be another beautiful day! Between Mass, flag football, and watching the Indy Car Race, I'm sure the boys will manage to find some mischief--er, fun things to do in the great outdoors!

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  1. thanks for joining the challenge!
    great job showing the boys without their faces.


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