Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday (kinda sorta) the Outdoor Challenge Edition

I've never done the (Almost) "Wordless Wednesday" meme, so welcome to Sharon's FIRST Outdoor Challenge Edition!

Yesterday it was an early dinner out on the deck,

...then a stroll around an algae-filled pond by the flag football fields.

We were blessed to be serenaded by a red-winged blackbird.

Today it's raining. It might be our most challenging day for outdoor fun yet!

I'm in! Are you?


  1. love this post, on Easter Break I took the kids to a local path around a lake, my kids were thrilled to spot a red-headed woodpecker. When I asked what was there favorite part of vacation, that was it! (not the zoo, movie or swimming that I had to pay for) Next time, I hope to remember this lesson and just go to the lake!

  2. I loved this post...and the beautiful pictures of just embracing the outdoors! It's wonderful!


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