Friday, April 16, 2010

7 Spring Takes


It's Friday afternoon, and it's a beautiful day; that means that the boys in our neighborhood have converged on my house to ride their bikes around the driveway, play capture-the-flag, play swordfight with sticks, and whatever else boys do. If it were raining or cold, they'd all be sitting around playing video games. I've only had to shoo them all outside once, when suddenly five or six of them all ran screaming and hollering up the basement stairs. I did have to clean a glob of dog poop of of someone's shoe; I guess it's time to go on turd patrol. Didn't I already do that this week? Next Friday I'll try to be more prepared with some cookies and lemonade ready when the all come home from school.


It's spring, and the pollen assault is in full swing. Larry has been snorting and sniffling for two weeks. They say it's worse than ever this year because of all the snow we had, and I believe it.

These clumps are all over our driveway and our deck, and driving around town you can see them lining the sides of the road.

I cleaned the top of our patio table already today; this was what accumulated in just a few hours' time.


Despite all the pollen, spring is my favorite time of year. Can you see why?

I took these a couple of days ago on one of our evening walks by the lake.

We are blessed to have beautiful trees all over our church property, and every spring they produce wonderful pink blossoms.


It's the sixteenth of April, the third anniversary of the awful massacre on the campus of Virginia Tech in 2007. I dug one of Larry's orange and maroon T-shirts out of a laundry basket this morning. Virginia's governor, Bob McDonnell, asked for state flags to be flown at half-mast today, but I was disappointed to only see one Virginia flag at half staff. How easily we forget. Last April I wrote this blog post about visiting the Virginia Tech campus on the eve of the second anniversary of the shootings.


April 16 is also the birthday of Pope Benedict XVI!! Happy Birthday, Papa!


This spring our church has begun major renovation work. Right after Easter, a temporary wall was erected at the front of the church, where a brand-new altar will be installed, and all of the pews were removed and auctioned off. For now the (temporary) altar is at the back of the church; at Mass, we're actually facing the opposite direction from what we're used to, and the cry room is right behind the altar. I wish I had pictures of what the inside of the church looked like before the work started, but I will post pictures of the "new" church once it's finished.
At least now if you bring your kids to the cry room, you're quite close to the action!

That's one gi-normous Easter candle!

I don't think I ever really looked at the stained glass windows in the back of the church. I'm usually facing the other direction.

Temporary seating


Last night and this morning, our school drama club performed their production of "Alice in Wonderland." It was originally scheduled for March, but we had so much snow that we missed several practices and had to move the dates back. All three of our boys participated: Moe dressed up as a knight and got to be part of the Jury during the trial of the Knave of Hearts who stole the Queen's tarts. Curly was Tweedle-Dee, and he and a friend put on propellor beanies and waged a battle over Tweedle-Dum's new rattle. Larry played the Mad Hatter, and everyone was raving about what a wonderful job he did. While we were all piling into the car to come home, our pastor stopped by to tell us what a great job the boys did, especially Larry's Mad Hatter. Larry was grinning from ear to ear. He told me that he was feeling overwhelmed with all the attention he was getting. The kids have been rehearsing this play for months, and although I'm glad it's over, it makes me a little sad, too. I can't wait to see which play our director chooses next year!

*Update: I walked outside and found three boys and one girl sitting on the ground playing hand-held video games. Ah, well, I can't win them all.

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!

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