Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Praise!

Hallelujah! Christ is risen! It's high time for a blog post from me, and today I praise God for His MANY wonderful blessings!

1. My family has just grown a little larger! Last weekend, my brother and his fiancee became husband and wife. They were married in a wonderfully moving ceremony in the beautiful Baptist church where they attend, surrounded by many friends and family members. At their reception, I remarked to several people that there were SO MANY people there that I had never seen before, and I realized how blessed the bride and groom are, that so many wonderful people love and support them. My sister-in-law's parents are fabulous people, and I had the pleasure of meeting a number of her aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. God is definitely good! Praise Him!

2. A wedding is a wonderful time for families to be reunited! Between the wedding shower that my mother's friend hosted a few weeks ago and the wedding last week, I was able to reconnect with many relatives (and friends!) who I hadn't seen in years. We all made renewed commitments to get together more often. I hope we're able to keep that promise. I miss them. Facebook is great, but being together in person is so much better.

3. Praise God for the wonderful Easter weekend we shared with my parents in my hometown! The weather was perfect, and we spent a lot of time sitting on their back deck watching the kids playing in the little spring behind their house. Moe caught three frogs and a salamander. Spring is here! This morning we attended Easter Sunday Mass in the (beautiful!) newly-built church near their home, and God brought us home safely today.

4. Praise God for Spring, and warm Easter weather! I've spent many Easter weekends mostly indoors because it's either a). raining or b). cold. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent shivering outside hoping the kids would hurry up and find all those eggs already so we could all go in and get warm. This weekend, the weather is perfect, and it's wonderful to see the trees blooming and budding!

5. I'm looking forward to the kids being off from school this week. Praise God for the opportunity to sleep in! (Okay, the dog won't let me do that, but I can dream, can't I?) We're planning to spend some time shopping for clothes (esspecially for Larry, who at 13, is already taller than me--I'm 5'8"--and quickly catching up with my husband. I'm thinking of nicknaming Hubby Shemp; what do you think?) It's time for sandals, too, and I *hope* if the weather is nice, I can talk the kids into doing some geocaching with me, something we haven't done in almost a year. Hopefully we'll finally wash the car and catch up on some housecleaning as well.

6. Praise God, I'm finally out of my reading funk, and I've been devouring books like crazy. (I'll admit, though, that my relationship with my new friend The Fly Lady has suffered somewhat. I still want to blog about her sometime.) Since my post on March 11, I have finished three books (Culture of Corruption by Michelle Malkin; Open by Andre Agassi; and War Journal: My Five Years in Iraq by NBC correspondent Richard Engel) and I'm halfway through a fourth (Danielle Bean's My Cup of Tea: Musings of a Catholic Mom. I swear I'd never heard of Danielle or her book before I named this blog.) Richard Engel's book was particularly moving, and I'm hoping to share my thoughts about it here this week. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that one.

7. Praise God, Christ is Risen! (and I'm also thankful that I can start putting cream in my coffee again. But first I think I'll pop open a cold one --gave that up for Lent too-- and drink in the spring sunshine.)

Happy Easter!

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