Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Glorious Mysteries for Life, and Outdoor Challenge!

My friend Judi's official time in the Boston Marathon: 4:09:51. Way to go!

Mystical Rose Design has a great meme on their blog: Pro-Life Tuesdays. Last fall I posted some of the pro-life mysteries from Priest's for Life's website, but I never got around to posting the Glorious Mysteries. I thought today would be a good day to post them (even though Tuesday is normally for the Sorrowful Mysteries--but we can pray any set of mystery any day of the week, right?)


Christ is risen! By his Resurrection, He has destroyed the power of death, and therefore the power of abortion. The outcome of the battle for life has already been decided: Life is victorious! Let us pray that all pro lifers will spread this victory to every segment of our society.


By ascending to His throne, Christ takes our human nature, given to us in the womb, to the heights of Heaven. He shows us that human beings are made to be raised to Heaven, not thrown in the garbage. Let us pray that the world may learn this truth and reject abortion.


The Holy Spirit is our advocate. He pleads our cause, for we cannot save ourselves. We pray that He will make us advocates for the babies, who cannot speak or write or vote or protest or even pray.


The Blessed Virgin Mary was taken body and soul into Heaven because she is the Mother of God. Mother and child are united. The assumption reminds us that they belong together. We pray that society will see that it cannot love women while killing their children, and cannot save children without helping their mothers. We pray that people will be touched by the pro-life question, "Why can't we love them both?"


Mary is the Queen of the Universe. The Church teaches that she is the greatest creature, second only to God Himself. The Church defends the dignity of women. We pray that people will understand that to be pro-life means to be pro-woman, and that to be pro-woman demands that we be pro-life.

Yesterday after school I schlepped Larry to his flag football game, and Curly and Moe to Tae Kwon Do; then we all went over to church where I teach Religious Education every Monday. Not a whole lot of time for outdoor fun, but we were able to grab a sub from Wawa and have a quick picnic at the edge of the practice field before Larry's game. It felt good to relax and enjoy the sunshine for a few minutes,

and to admire the splashes of color in the parking lot landscaping.
I'm in! Are you?


  1. Thank you for sharing those beautiful prayers. I think I needed the Glorious Mysteries after reading that sad, sad, story at Sally's Castle in The Sea. God is and will be victorious! Alleluia!

    Thanks for joining in--come back again any Tuesday. ;)

    In Christ,
    (Stop by for Kids Say the Darndest Things Fridays! also :) )

  2. Hello, Lucy! Yes, I've read that story of the doctor who aborted the "wrong" baby on several blogs. So heartbreaking. I hope and pray the doctor will now realize the horror of what he's been doing and turn away from abortion forever. They all need our prayers. Thanks for posting! I'll try to link with Kids Say the Darndest things; I guess I should start writing down the clever things my boys come up with! :D


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