Thursday, November 4, 2010

Small Successes, Vol. 2: Books & Clutter & Blogging

1. Way back in June, I showed you this photo of my disorganized bookshelf.

It's been looking like that for months. I've finally managed to get it semi-organized; just don't open the cabinets underneath or look at the junk piled on TOP of the shelf. One thing at a time.

It still needs purging, but it's a start.
2. In our garage we have an old cabinet leftover from when we remodeled our kitchen several years back. Over time, it has accumulated clutter on top--old towels, muddy worn-out shoes, seashells collected around 2007, plastic bags. I finally got that cleaned off today. The rest of the garage, on the other hand (including the storage space upstairs--containing, among other things, boxes of books I've removed from our bookshelf) still needs work. Another day.
3. I've managed to post a blog every day since Monday, including one to my other site, Cooking Nick's Books: A Sparks Fan's Food Blog. But that doesn't count, because when I'm blogging, something useful isn't getting done. Like laundry or exercise or sleep. (But, I did manage today's post in less than 30 minutes. YESSSSS!!!!)

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