Monday, November 1, 2010

Get Thee To the Woods, vol. 18: The All Saints Day Edition

Saint Francis loved all things God made, and so do we.

On Saturday Larry's confirmation team went to a local pro-life women's shelter, where they did a little raking and planting...

and sorted lots of baby clothes.

Afterward we headed to the Washington D.C. area to spend the afternoon with my brother and his wife, and my parents who were visiting them for the weekend. We took a walk to a nearby park,

and Bro threw some burgers on the grill.

While the burgers were cooking and the picnic was being prepared, Curly and Moe wanted to try crossing the creek without getting their feet wet.

Then Larry decided to try it. Everyone's shoes stayed dry, thank goodness!

Moe made a leaf pile to jump in.

The boys discovered that they could see each other through the tunnel under this bridge.

Moe found a cool rock laced with Fool's Gold.

On Sunday, more grilling. (Stay tuned to Cooking Nick's Books for a post later this week about that.)

And of course, trick-or-treating! The dog wanted to come too, from the looks of it. Curly's costume got a lot of laughs; to me it looks like a burka--see his eyes?--with a little head on top. (Larry is the Mad Hatter. He chose that costume because he played that role in the school play last spring. I wanted to show you his whole costume but since I'm obsessive about not showing my kids' faces, I could only get a little bit of him. He says it's perfectly fine with him if I post his face online--surprising, since he hates having his picture taken--but I'm just not quite ready to show the world what he looks like. Not that it matters much since this blog doesn't get much traffic anyway...)

There were some pretty creative yard displays in the neighborhood where we went trick-or-treating.

How did YOU celebrate God's creation this week? And did your family celebrate All Hallow's Eve? I'd love it if you'd leave me a comment to tell me all about it! :)

Happy All Saint's Day! Now get thee to church. Have a wonderful week!

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