Monday, November 8, 2010

Get Thee To The Woods, vol. 19: Precious Treasures

We were blessed to spend this weekend with my in-laws, as well as Joe's brother and sister-in-law and their two kids. We hadn't seen them since their daughter was baptized a year ago. The kids had grown so much, and we were delighted that our almost-three-year-old nephew remembered his older cousins. My sister-in-law told us that every night when they put their kids to bed, they have them say "Good Night" to a picture of our boys. (Hmmm, I need blogging nicknames for them. For now I'll call our nephew "I'm Okay" because we heard him say that over and over this weekend. Fall down? "I'm Okay!" Scared to go down the slide? "I'm Okay!" Knock over little sister? "I'm Okay!" I'll call our niece Girly Girl. Hopefully I can come up with better nicknames for them later.) In fact, I'm Okay had a little bit of a crush on Moe; everywhere Moe went, his cousin followed.

We visited a lovely park in Williamsburg. Of course, I'm Okay wanted to play with Moe,

and Girly Girl wanted to play with her big brother.

The big boys played some basketball,

including Joe and his Dad.

Could this be one of Ginny's Remarkable Trees?

We love this play structure built to look like a ship.

Before everyone went their seperate ways on Sunday, we took a walk in the neighborhood. Usually the youngest brother who gets picked on, Moe relished his role as the "big kid" that his younger cousin could look up to.

Moe found a little tree to climb.

I'm Okay got a kick out of pushing Girly Girl's empty stroller around. (Oops, did he bump into his mommy's legs? "I'm Okay!")

Girly Girl wanted a ride.

She also wanted to play football with the big kids.

Everything is new and exciting and wondrous when you're one and a half.

Did you spend time outdoors this week? How did you celebrate the wonder of God's creation?

Okay, back to my blogging hiatus. I want to have a productive week so I'll have some Small Successes to share with you on Thursday.

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  1. How fun! We are outside every day, it is finally fall and the mosquitoes are gone! My girls love to ride their bikes.


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