Sunday, April 24, 2011

Get Thee to the Woods vol. 25: Grandma's Easter Garden

I have always been forgetful. Almost every time we go on a trip, whether for a day, a weekend, or a week, I manage to forget something. I have been known to make Joe turn the car around ten miles down the road because I've forgotten something important, like Moe's inhaler or my camera or some such thing. On Easter weekend, when we travelled two hours to the South to spend the holiday with Joe's parents, guess what I forgot? The plastic eggs we were planning to fill with the candy and treats that Grandma B. had bought, and the Easter baskets to put them in. Only I didn't remember until after we were there, and Grandma asked me, "Did you bring the plastic eggs?" Needless to say, we did not hold our traditional egg hunt in Grandma's garden. Moe is still mad at me. Larry and Curly didn't care, as long as they got to eat the candy anyway, which they did. There wasn't any left to bring home.

You won't find any photos of brightly colored eggs--real or fake--in Grandma's garden this year, but since we had nice weather for Easter we were able to spend some time enjoying the outdoors all the same.

When I first met Grandma and Grandpa "B" they lived in a rustic little log cabin on a gi-normous piece of land in rural Pennsylvania. Later they moved to a gi-normous house on a good-sized lot in a small town in New Jersey. When Joe and I started having kids, they wanted to move someplace a little closer to their grandchildren, so they found another spacious house with an average-sized yard in a sprawling golf community in Eastern Virginia. Last summer, they downsized and moved into a lovely cottage in the same community, with a gorgeous little yard, just big enough for their Springer Spaniel to run around in.

What do Curly and Moe have for Bailey to play with today?

A...plastic bucket?

If you even say the word "Bucket," Bailey the Springer Spaniel goes bananas.

Good boy, Bailey!

(Check out this post for a few more photos of Curly and Moe with Bailey last summer, playing in Grandma's garden. And this one about a weekend last fall we spent at Grandma's house with Joe's brother and sister-in-law and their beautiful family. And Bailey.)

I couldn't resist some photos of Grandma's garden.

No Easter eggs, but I found this bunny here among the hostas.

Look up and you'll see this period-looking flag

...and a cozy front porch, just big enough for a couple of rocking chairs and a place to put up one's feet. I love spring!

A blessed and glorious Easter season to all!

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