Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's a beautiful springtime in our neck of the woods

A few weeks back we had an early morning dusting of snow here. By early afternoon it had all melted.

Now the weather is a little warmer, and our little half acre is alive with springtime color.

We're in the planning stages of a landscaping project. It's turning out to be bigger than I imagined, with stone walls and everything. There will be more of these little purple flowers to enjoy.

We might plant some more dogwood trees. We had three beautiful ones in our yard when I was little--two pink ones and a beautiful white one. I think a dogwood is my favorite springtime tree.

I might have my landscaping guy put in a bed for a vegetable garden (so I can have one NEXT year...) but it will be right where all these lovely violets grow. I've still got mixed feelings about that.

At our church, the flowers and blooms are gorgeous.

Today we're expcected to get some pretty intense thunderstorms, the same ones that have produced all those tornadoes we've been hearing about these last couple of days. It will make our trips around town to flag football games and the grocery store and the farmers' market quite interesting to say the least.

Have a wonderful Saturday, and don't forget tomorrow is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week!

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