Saturday, July 10, 2010

Get Thee to the Woods, vol. 6: River, Rocks, Rain, and Raccoons. And puppies.

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It's been HOT here this past week, but we were still able to enjoy the outdoors a little bit. We haven't had rain in so long, that the nearby river has been unusually low. On Thursday, Larry took a canoe trip with the local Parks and Recreation department, and while we were waiting for them to return Moe and I did a little river wading.

Moe made a friend!

On Friday morning after we dropped Larry off for yet another adventure, we had some time before Moe's swim team practice to explore another part of the river.

The snails and clams he found were neat, but THIS was the jackpot find.

Friday afternoon we were invited to a picnic where there were horses,

apple trees,

and dogs.

And toads, too.

Later Curly and I decided to look for some geocaches near our home. This looks like an unusual hiding place...

Curly spotted it right away. Can you?

This morning we finally got some much-needed rain!

We spent the day with my mother-in-law while my husband went to New York with his dad and his brother to see a Mets game together. The kids had fun playing with their grandparents' eight-month-old Springer Spaniel.

We took the puppy for a lovely walk in their neighborhood. There are beautiful crepe myrtle trees everywhere you look.

Their subdivision is considered an official bird sanctuary.

When we got home, we noticed that our next-door-neighbors had a visitor in their backyard, eating their cats' food...

...and checking us out.

The cats didn't seem to mind much.

Finally my neighbor chased him away. He's a regular visitor, so I'm sure he'll be back.

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