Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Evening Grace

I borrowed the title for this post from Adam Baldwin.  You may know him, especially if you're a "Firefly" fan.  I love following him on Twitter.  He's one of the few conservative voices in Hollywood.  Every night he tweets a photo of something lovely and titles it "Evening Grace."  Often it's a sunset or ocean waves or something peaceful like that.  Here's his tweet for Memorial Day.

The photos above are ones I snapped after we returned home from dinner out, when Moe went for a ride in the kayak and I took a short walk around the lake.  Now that it's almost summer I hope to have many more slow and quiet evenings like this in the coming months.  Perhaps this "evening grace" theme will be a regular feature here...we'll see.

This is our last week at preschool, and the boys have a couple of weeks left before they're finished for the summer.  I hope you all have a grace-filled week!

1 comment:

  1. Enjoy your summer break Sharon. It is hard to imagine you guys having summer though when it is so cold here.


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