Friday, May 11, 2012

7 Quick Takes, Volume 45

Sometimes the life of a "hobby blogger" get so busy that suddenly you realize it's been a month since you've posted anything. 


 I have a friend whose name is Kathryn, who sadly I don't see very often anymore since our kids no longer attend school together. Her youngest daughter, Beth, suffered from a rare disorder called Pearson's Syndrome, and last Friday Beth went to Heaven. She was four years old. Please, please, keep Kathryn and her family in your prayers.


My camera has been in the shop for three weeks.  I had taken some photos at work of a Catechesis of the Good Shepherd lesson, as well as some artsy shots in the alley behind the school that is a popular location for photo shoots since it's quite urban-looking.  (One employee at the church called it "ghetto," and I suppose that could describe it, although I don't like using that term because of its negative connotations.) 


You may think they look just fine, except here's the real story:

I don't know where that ugly black line comes from; and sure, I can edit it out, but the worst part is that even when the flash goes off the indoor shots are way too dark.  I took it to the camera store and the guy behind the counter was baffled.  He told me he'd have co-worker who according to him knew more about this type of camera take a look at it, and if she couldn't pinpoint the problem they'd send it off to be repaired.  Needless to say they sent it to the great unknown, and I still don't have it back.  


Around this time of year I often have a bit of an identity crisis, pondering and questioning what God wants me to do with the rest of my life.  Do I continue working, eventually going back full time?  Do I go back to be a stay-at-home Mom and plunge myself into housework and school volunteering, and maybe some serious pro-life work?  Do I take another route entirely, maybe looking into selling some of my photography, or becoming a consultant for Pampered Chef or Southern Living at Home or some such business?

Well, yesterday I officially decided to keep working as an assistant at the Montessori preschool for at least another year.  I will be working more hours, which means less free time; and it also means I'll really need to come up with a good time-management system so I'll be able to keep doing all those "extra" things I need and want to do, like blogging and cleaning the house and grocery shopping and cooking and volunteering and being involved in the kids' school activities.  And I need to exercise regularly and eat better so I'll have the energy to do all those things.  Will this lead me to eventually getting my Montessori and/or Catechesis of the Good Shepherd certification?  Perhaps, perhaps not.  Pray for me!


Last weekend was dubbed "Weekend of Drama," because the boys were all involved in plays at their schools.  Curly and Moe performed in Sleeping Beauty, acting as the Evil Queen's Goons.  They and two of their friends served as the comic relief of the show, and they got to wear crazy makeup and run around and wave inflatable clubs and act goofy.  Moe developed a fever last Thursday and ended up missing one of the shows, but by Friday night he was good to go.  With my camera still out of commission I only took a few photos with my phone.  Here are Curly and Moe with their Goon faces.


Larry's big Shakespeare debut was this past weekend as well.  He was brilliant as Lysander in A Midsummer Night's Dream.  It had a '50s theme; the kids wore 1950's style clothing and they played '50s music.  Larry got to be the greaser type, a la Danny Zuko and The Fonz.  My parents came to see the show on Saturday:

Maybe he'll get to do Grease someday.


My blogging goal for this weekend is to put up another post for my "Get Thee to the Church" series, and update my other blog, Cooking Nick's Books.  Fortunately I already have the photos for them, taken before my camera went belly-up.  And I might just contact the camera store again to see if they can call the place they sent it off to, maybe get them to hurry up already and fix the darn thing.  (And my other goal?  Some serious housecleaning; especially a certain two bathrooms that are badly in need of attention.  And to give my dog a long-overdue bath.)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and visit Hallie Lord's blog for more Quick Takes!  (And keep this young man and his family in your prayers as well.  Jenn Fulwiler is taking a blogging break after witnessing his fatal motorcycle accident.  Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord.)


OH, and I almost forgot!  Our diocesan newspaper published a great article this week about Catholic Montessori schools and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.  Check it out!

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