Monday, May 17, 2010

Get Thee to the Woods Monday, Vol. 1

I decided to try and take up Lisa of 5 Orange Potatoes' challenge to post pictures of some of our children's outdoor adventures every Monday. Since our boys spend lots of time outside, and we like to take photos of the world around us, I don't think it will be to hard. The biggest challenge for me will be making the time to download and edit my photos and post them to my blog. Since Lisa created the Great Outdoor Challenge meme in honor of Richard Louv's book, The Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature Defecit Disorder, I thought "Get Thee To the Woods" might be a catchy title. What do you think? Too cheesy? (I read this amazing book last summer. Read my blog post about it here.)

I've been a bit behind on blogging lately, and it seems that every few days I find another fabulous blog to follow; which means I often end up skimming my blog list, and only reading the ones that catch my interest. I've rarely been commenting on the ones I've been reading. I've toyed with the idea of dropping some, but they're all amazing and I love reading them! Hopefully once summer vacation begins I'll have a little more time for my favorite hobby. I'm just itching to tell you about Father Stefan's book, my CCD class and Larry's confirmation team, and my thoughts on recent goings-on in the culture war.

Last week, I posted pictures that Moe had taken with my favorite camera. This week, Curly decided to try his hand at nature photography.

Eek! What's this ferocious-looking beast?

When Moe and I went exploring yesterday, we found another new family of geese!
Moe the critter-catcher looked,
and looked,
but despite spotting a big catfish, a frog, a crayfish, and quite a few minnows, he wasn't able to capture anything this time.

I'm in! Are you?

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