Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Thoughts #2: Celebrations, Praises, and Good Books

1. A Day of Celebration Our youngest son celebrated his first communion on Saturday. We are so proud of him! These past two weeks have been extremely busy, and I've put blogging on a back burner (although, I have been reading some, and I keep adding more. I need to update my blog list soon...) Between our school's yard sale for Pennies for Peace, in which we raised over $200, and then First Communion, I'm finally getting around to writing again. I must say, too, that we are blessed to have so many friends and family members who share our happiness for our son. and the kids pushed each other on the tire swing. Right after they ate. No one got sick, thank goodness.

2. A Fabulous Book Do you like Jane Eyre, or Wuthering Heights? Check out The Thirteenth Tale, by Diane Setterfield. It tells the story of a young writer who becomes the reluctant biographer for Miss Vida Winter, the most popular author in Great Britain. As the old novelist tells young Margaret her bizarre life story, Margaret becomes more and more fascinated by it, and finds herself mingling her own past with that of Miss Winter's. The book contains quite a few irreverent themes--incest, rape, murder, suicide; plus a little bit of spookiness, but only a smattering of profanity. (Come to think of it, doesn't the Bible have most of these things, too?) Once I started reading this I could hardly put it down. I am trying to read a mixture of spiritual books and fiction, so this was my first post-Lent juicy novel.

3. Praise! Okay, I'm so behind I decided to put this week's Praise post here. Praise God for all this rain we're having here--it's no fun, but it will help my garden grow. Praise God for a supportive family, Protestants who celebrate with us in our Catholic spiritual growth. Praise God for the catechists in our parish who have helped our children grow in the faith. Praise God for my fifth grade CCD students and their families; by teaching them I'm learning, too! Praise God for children who show a love and talent for music. I hope they stick with it longer than I did. Praise God for my husband, who finds the time and energy to spend with me and the boys no matter how busy he is at work. I am so blessed to have found him.

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