Sunday, May 31, 2009

Praises for Pentecost!

Our Pentecost Mass today was beautiful! Today is the birthday of the Church. I have many things to be thankful for today.

1. The beautiful, sunny, warm weather! Great day for washing the car and the dog.

2. That my children take delight in exploring nature and being creative. Earlier my two younger sons donned rubber gloves and went outside to examine mushrooms in the yard. Right now the three of them are in the driveway with my oldest son's Flip camera, dressed up in costumes and, at the moment, are not arguing.

3. That my garden is growing. I don't know if my labor will produce fruits; time will tell.

4. For my husband, who loves me for ME.

5. Only seven days left until summer vacation!! OK, not really; we teachers (or in my case, teaching assistants) have to work a few more days after the kids are done, but still...

6. For the great Montessori school my boys have attended since my oldest was in Kindergarten, and where I have been employed for the last four years. We've decided to enroll them in Catholic school for next year, and although we are all excited, we will sorely miss our friends we have made. It has truly been a wonderful journey.

7. For the time we spent last weekend with my aunt and many of my cousins; we reunited with them to celebrate another new life! I haven't seen many of my extended family in years, and it was great to get re-acquainted with everyone.

8. For the gift of the Holy Spirit. Too often I take Him for granted.

I'm linking this to Jennifer's blog; check it out! She started the Praises posts, and she's great about posting them every Sunday (unlike me, I'm trying). Have a great week!

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  1. What a great list! Mushrooms, eh?
    I'll be spending a few weeks in MI this summer, which is where I was born, and all my extended family is there. I'll be seeing folks I haven't seen in years, introducing them to my kids. It is great to see those "old" faces again.
    Have a wonderful week!


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