Sunday, November 22, 2009

Praises for Christ the King

I am way overdue for a Praises post! Thanks always to Jennifer for hosting, and encouraging us to count our blessings.

1 Praise God that Christ is our King! At last night's Vigil Mass, Father K. explained that the Solemnity of Christ the King was established as a feast day in 1925 by Pope Pius XI. At that time fascism was rampant in the world, and the Church needed a day to remind us that Jesus Christ is our one true King. Father K. went on to point out that today we need the Solemnity of Christ the King as much as ever. Praise God for the kingship of Christ!

2. Praise God for putting TWO altar servers in our family (so far)! Larry has been serving for a couple of years, and now Curly has joined the fold. This weekend Curly got to serve at the Saturday vigil Mass as well as the Friday morning Mass at school. Last night Father K, along with a teenage altar server with lots of experience, helped guide Curly and another new server through the steps during the Mass. He did a great job at both Masses. As our pastor, Father R., was distributing communion, Curly stood by his side with the paten. When Father R. presented me with the Host and said, "The Body of Christ," I thought I saw a twinkle in his eye. I'm so proud!

3. Praise God for the beautiful weather He has given us this weekend!

4. Praise God for our beautiful niece, who was baptized into the Body of Christ last weekend. I am grateful to God for giving me a second set of parents and another brother when I married my husband, a sister when my brother-in-law was married, a sweet nephew, and now a niece.

5. Praise be to Christ for giving us his mother, Mary.

6. Praise God for my husband, my best friend.

7. Praise God for our new computer! It's WAY faster than our old one, and it has tons more memory. I can fit LOTS AND LOTS of photos on it, and watch many hours of video (as if I had time, ha ha)! Yippee!


  1. Sharon, I join you in gratitude for altar servers in the family. It is such a blessing to see our children serve the Lord at the altar!

  2. Heard you today on Catholics Next Door! Had to come and support a fellow Catholic Mom - your blog is wonderful!

  3. Hello, MisAdveture Mom! Thanks for finding me. Your blog rocks! I've subscribed to your RSS feed (I've finally figured out how to do that after almost a year of blogging). God bless! And yes, Anne, it is wonderful when our children are eager to serve God at Mass. They're even willing to substitute for other servers when they're sick or can't make it for whatever reason.


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