Thursday, August 13, 2009

Facts from Reliable Sources: Who's Telling the Truth?

There is so much information about Obamacare out there in Media Land, it's hard to make heads or tails about what the facts really are. Have you looked at HR3200? Holy Cow, it makes my eyes cross just trying to read one sentence. Like most citizens, I'm relying on people who know much more about it than I to interpret what is written in the bill. (Incidentally, there are several different versions of the plan; the others are still in committee, and from what I understand, still being written.) Some say that abortion is absolutely NOT covered in the plan, and others insist that it IS, and it will be MANDATED; abortions will therefore increase dramtically, and be paid for by We The People. Some are concerned that under the Obama health plan, care will be rationed, and that the elderly and people with disabilities will be given the short end of the stick. Is euthanasia about to become an essential part of health care? People on the side of Obamacare say this is a ludicrous. It sounds crazy to me, and I hope and pray that people who are crying foul on that point, including Sarah Palin, are indeed making a mountain out of a molehill.

Whom should I believe? The White House put up a web page to explain some of the "myths" about health reform. (Oh, I'm sorry; I can't call it that anymore. It's health INSURANCE reform.) Interestingly, abortion is not addressed at all. Are they avoiding the issue? The videos and explainations are admittedly reassuring, and there is NO QUESTION that our current health system needs some major changes. This "reality check" by the White House certainly makes that clear. Many people I know cannot afford health insurance. Too many doctors order unnecessary tests to avoid being sued for malpractice. Too often insurance companies get greedy and refuse to cover services their clients need (not to mention charging high premiums for minimal coverage). Something must be done.

As a pro-lifer, I pay close attention when well known and trusted pro-life leaders like Father Frank Pavone and Congressman Chris Smith express their concern that Obama's health care plan is being used to quietly sneak in the controversial Freedom of Choice Act. For all we knew, this bill mandating abortion on demand was abandoned when concerned Americans rightfully opposed it. Today I found this fact sheet from National Right to Life that explains in detail how abortion fits into health reform. I've already bookmarked it on my computer, and hopefully it will help me when I need to explain my concerns to friends and acquaintances who support the bill and don't see any problems with it with regards to abortion. (Is it just me, or are most people who support Obamacare pro-choice?) put up this mythbuster in response to what the health care reformers are assuring us--that abortion isn't covered in the plan and that taxpayers will not be forced to fund abortions.

I've emailed my senators and congressman twice. I'm planning to call their offices as well, as soon as I've figured out what to say. I'll mull it over in my mind and write it down over the weekend, and hopefully I'll be brave enough to pick up the phone on Monday. (My irrational fear is that when I call the local office of my representative in Congress, he will be the one who answers the phone!! How crazy is that? And he's pro-life, too!) Please pray that I will have the courage to voice my concerns about this legislation, something I've been silent about for too long. Meanwhile, I'll pray for you and all concerned Americans to do the same. Maybe I'll take another look at that bill, too.


  1. Sharon,
    Amen, sister.
    I've emailed also... Our cell phone isn't working and we're in Myrtle Beach right now ;-(
    so I don't know if I'll be able to call while we're away... do you know when it is critical/what the deadline is that we need to call by? Depending on if the little ones cooperate for me to compose my thoughts when we're home! ;/) great post. Let's pray for each other for strength and courage and fortitude! God bless you!

  2. oh yeah, I posted your post on my blog ;-)

  3. Thanks, T.! You're the best! I heard the head of K of C. last week say on EWTN that we should really call within the next couple of weeks, since they'll be coming back after Labor Day. They'll probably be pushed to vote on it right away, from what he said. Hope you're having fun at the beach!


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