Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring

And a beautiful one it's been.

Today Larry had his first rehearsal for his school's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. He got the part of Lysander, a much bigger role than he expected. He has a lot of lines to memorize between now and the first weekend of May.

I am, my lord, as well derived as he,
As well possess'd; my love is more than his;
My fortunes every way as fairly rank'd,
If not with vantage, as Demetrius';

He's got a lot of work to do.

Last Thursday I had the privilege of hearing David Bereit give a fantastic talk about the 40 Days for Life movement--how it got started, how babies have been saved from abortion, how abortion clinic workers are leaving their jobs to join the prolife movement, and that one by one Planned Parenthoods are closing. He said that even though there is no abortion facility in our immediate area (the closest abortion mills are an hour or more away), abortions are committed on hundreds of local women every year. He stressed the importance of supporting crisis pregnancy centers and voting pro-life. He encouraged us to pray and fast for an end to abortion.

Afterward as I was leaving, I stopped to thank him for his inspiring words. He said to me, thank you for all you do and to keep up the good work. I will admit that I was somewhat baffled at this. Why was HE thanking ME? I don't do squat. Sure, I'll give a pittance on occasion to whatever charity or prolife group happens to be my favorite at the moment; I've spent a few hours praying in front of abortion clinics (but not during this spring campaign, or the previous fall one, either); I'll write an occasional blog post or letter to the editor about prolife issues. David and his friend Shawn Carney started a phenomenon that only keeps growing, and the abortion industry is scared to death of them because they're making a difference. Women are choosing life and abortionists are losing money. I realized that after every 40 Days for Life campaign, Shawn and David must come home and sleep for days on end. They don't stop. Me, I usually plan my days to make sure I get a catnap, otherwise I'm dragging by the end of the day.

But hey, it's spring! It's my favorite time of year. The light is returning and there's a new sense of energy and freshness in the air. Soon, perhaps, my nose will start running and my eyes will begin to itch (some years the pollen bothers me and some years it doesn't), but I don't care. I love the flowers and the birds and the warm sunshine, and even the thunderstorms. Bring it on.


  1. beautiful photos. you've got so many flowers and buds on trees blooming!! Congrats to Larry on his big role!

  2. Good luck to Larry on his big role! How exciting! And how fortunate for you that you were able to meet David Bereit. The Holy Spirit has worked miracles through them and all of those young mothers who chose LIFE for their babies! I go to our local abortion clinic almost weekly and it's hard to watch the mothers come out from their abortions. We don't judge. We offer love and support and prayer. Many are hurting and you know they regret it but felt so desperate that they didn't have a choice. Breaks my heart but I pray that they turn to God for forgiveness and healing.

  3. Thank you both! Larry is VERY excited. He is so into acting and drama and is having so much fun. Noreen, thanks for all your hard work for the unborn! David Bereit and his family attend my church, actually, so it's been a privilege to get to know him and his wife, Margaret. And Shawn Carney and his family moved here a couple of years ago, so I see them quite frequently as well. His wife Marilisa is one of the nicest people you'd ever meet. (I've only spoken to Shawn a couple of times, but he's awesome as well! :D)


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