Friday, November 18, 2011

It's a Beautiful Autumn in Our Neck of the Woods (2011 edition)

Joe spent all of last weekend blowing leaves. And the weekend before that, and the weekend before that. A couple of years ago he invested in a heavy-duty gas-powered backpack monster blower, and the first time he used it he threw his back out. Now he's got the hang of it, but Monday morning, after the three-day weekend, he was sore and stiff. One Saturday recently, Moe built quite an impressive fort with the piles Joe had made.

It rained this week. As Joe left the house one morning, I heard him exclaim, "I HATE LEAVES!" No doubt he was dreading this weekend, which would surely mean more leaf-blowing. That afternoon, we returned home to find more leaf piles in the yard, as if someone had come and blown them for us. We were somewhat perplexed, but grateful. The next day we found little yellow flags in the ground leading from the house to the street, marking the buried gas line. That was when we remembered that last weekend we had signed a contract with a landscaping company, and they were eager to get started.

Today I came home to find all of this.

They start planting tomorrow.

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