Saturday, August 13, 2011

7 Quick Takes, Even Though I Don't Have Time Today...


In June of last year, when we spent Father's Day weekend with my parents, we took some family photos. This past week I took the boys to see them for a couple of days, and my mother showed me this drawing a friend of hers had done from one of the pictures. I asked Mom if I could borrow it. We look like we're in a Pokemon cartoon!

From left to right are Larry, Joe, me, Dad, Mom (with Curly and Moe in front of them), my sister-in-law "Aunt J," and my brother "Bro." So now you kinda know what we look like, sorta; except the boys are taller now and Moe doesn't wear his red hat much anymore.


Would you keep Bro in your prayers? Last week he tore his meniscus and he's having knee surgery on Monday. We're praying that he has a speedy recovery!


When we visit my parents, I have a great view from the guest bedroom window.

Summer mornings are cool and crisp; unlike the hot, muggy ones we have around here.

I can enjoy a cuppa and read the paper on their back deck

...and watch the birds.


My mother likes to tell the story of when I was about three, fully in the grips of celiac disease, and my grandmother made some cornbread for me without any wheat flower. Mom says I was so excited, and kept exclaiming gleefully, "Baba, you made me some bread!"

When we arrived at Mom's house on Wednesday I discovered that Mom had not only made a loaf of dairy-free, egg-free bread for Moe, but she had also made a gluten-free loaf for me. And she doesn't even have a bread maker.

Mama, you made me some bread!


One day a week ago or so, Curly was bored and got his hands on my camera. I didn't know it at the time, until I found these:

I suppose there is worse mischief he could have been doing.


I downloaded this book the other day, and started reading it.

I hope it will inspire me to keep up with this blog, and even give me new ideas to make it better!


We finally did it. Our boys have been sharing a room ever since Moe was big enough to sleep in a regular bed; last weekend we --Joe and the boys, that is-- moved Larry into his own room. (I'm not sure how long the computer will stay...)

My grandfather made this shelf--see how nice and tidy it is?

Gone are the piles of stuffed animals that blocked this window.

We took the bunk beds apart; I think Curly and Moe were tired of them. (That mess of clothes on the right? That was our chore for the next day.)

I can't imagine why Larry wants a new light switch cover.

For more Quick Takes, pop on over to Jen's Conversion Diary blog! (Jen, incidentally, is one of the contributors to The Church and New Media. She writes about how Catholic and Christian blogs helped her on her journey from atheism to Catholicism. How cool is that??)

OH, and I almost forgot--Soon I'll be starting a new part-time job as assistant teacher in a new Montessori preschool opening up at the nearby Episcopal church. The head teacher and director was Curly and Moe's teacher, and I worked with her for a couple of years when at the Montessori school where the boys attended for a number of years. I am very excited to be in a Montessori environment again, and especially to be working with my friend every day! I have to start work soon, and I don't know how much time I'll have for blogging; if I suddenly disappear for a while, you'll know why.

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