Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ask Them What They Mean By Choice: Jan. 21

I've already posted something today (so much for sticking to two posts per week between my two blogs) but I wanted to share this with you. On Friday, January 21, the eve of the 38th anniversary of the notorious Roe v. Wade decision, NARAL is hosting a "Blog For Choice Day," encouraging pro-choice bloggers to argue to their readers that killing unborn babies is acceptable. Jill Stanek came up with a great way to counter this lie--to use that day to ask the prochoice bloggers who participate, "Just what exactly do you mean by choice?" Here's a little of what Jill had to say about this:

"The idea is simple. Any time any of us reads pro-aborts spouting their obscure “choice” rhetoric on a blog, website, Facebook, or Twitter, we call them out on it. We ask them to explain what the “choice” is.

Is it to eat carrots rather than broccoli? To wear red instead of blue? No, of course “choice” is code for killing babies. What’s their problem with the A-word?"

On Friday (or thereabouts, I'll do my best), look for a blog post here that asks prochoicers this very question. It's time the defenders of "choice" told the truth: Choice is the taking of innocent human lives. I'll try and refrain from using any graphic images; this is one case where that might be justified.
How about it, all you prolife bloggers? Are you in?

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