Thursday, December 2, 2010

Small (Very Small) Successes, Vol. 5

I had three teensy-weensy successes today:

1. It's always hard for Curly to get up in the morning, and often he's wolfing down a cereal bar while I'm pushing him out the door to catch his carpool ride to school. This morning he was more tired than usual after staying up until past 11 pm finishing a homework assignment. He was quite cranky, needless to say. First he couldn't find his tie, then I made him change his shirt because it was dirty (he sure didn't like me for that), and then he couldn't find his shoes and ended up wearing his old ones that were too small. His brothers had already left and my nagging him to get moving so he wouldn't make everyone late wasn't working. Finally I calmly told him I was going upstairs to finish getting myself ready for work, and if he was still at home when I came down I would my neighbor to tell her to leave without him, and he'd be in HUGE trouble. Thankfully God gave me the grace to stay even-tempered throughout his moring drama. I don't always handle it that well.

2. I finally sent our Christmas gifts to our sponsored child in Haiti. I know he won't get it until spring, maybe later (for which I apologized in the letter I wrote to him), but that mailer full of stuff--a paint-by-number set, two balsa wood gliders (I'm not too sure how well those will hold up between here and Haiti), some silly bandz, and photos of the kids--is finally off my desk and in the mail.

3. My trip to the post office took longer than expected, and I was a little late arriving at the boys' school for afternoon pick-up. I ended up in the very back of the line, and was sure we would be late to Curly's guitar lesson. Traffic must have been light, because we arrived there right on time.


Today at church there was a funeral for a thirteen-year-old girl killed in a car accident over the Thanksgiving holiday. Please pray for her family. I can't imagine how it must feel as a mother to lose your child like that.

I expect my blogging activity here will be light between now and New Year's. (I noticed I had 13 posts for the month of November--I think that's my all-time high for the number of posts in one month.) Tomorrow I hope to post "7 Quick Takes"--I'm not making any promises, though--and I need to update my other blog, Cooking Nick's Books: A Sparks Fan's Food Blog, in the next few days as well. If you don't see me here much after that you'll know I'm celebrating Advent and preparing for Christmas, and I'm probably catching up on laundry and housework too. Not to mention working on lessons for my job at the preschool and driving my children hither and yon.


  1. Nice blog..perhaps you might add me to your links?

  2. Thanks! I'd be happy to. I need to update my blog list anyway and add a few more as well! :)


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