Monday, August 9, 2010

Get Thee To The Woods Vol. 10: Let's Go Racing!

What does auto racing have to do with the great outdoors, you ask? Plenty.

When we decided to plan a weekend trip to Ohio for an Indy Car race, I called a dear friend from high school who lives just outside of Columbus, an hour's drive from the race course. We hadn't seen each other since our 20-year class reunion several years ago, and I hadn't seen her kids since they were little. Even though they didn't come to the race with us (most people we know aren't as fanatical about Indy Car racing as we are) they invited us to stay with them. It was great too see her and her family again, and our kids all got along wonderfully. My friend has a fabulous collection of plants and flowers in her garden and on her deck (which, I might add, her husband built for her with his bare hands).

They lived in Japan for four years, and their house and yard are full of beautiful things from that country.

She has a beautiful Rose of Sharon bush
that the bumblebees just love. (That reminds me of a story my Ohio friend told me about her son when he was little. One day, her mother said, "Look, A., a bumblebee!" "I see the bee, Grandma," the little tyke replied, "but, where's the bumble?")

Do you see a hummingbird? Me neither. They apparently don't like to have their pictures taken. They kept us entertained while we ate dinner and breakfast on their screened porch (which, by the way, her husband also built with his bare hands.)

The kids had fun running around in the soft grass. We don't have nice grass like this at our house.

Someone told us that there were no trees at this racetrack.

I don't know why we believed him.

*UPDATE: Click here for the saga of Moe's ever-present red hat!

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