Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Get Thee To the Woods, Vol. 4: Birds, Bugs, and Sassafras (and Mary, too!)

Our baby geese don't look like babies anymore! See that white goose? He or she (we're not sure which) has decided it wants to be their mother. A few times we've seen her (or him?) trying to chase the real parents away.

What's Moe looking at today?

Our friend the Great Blue Heron,

and these little buggers.

The crepe myrtle trees that grace our parish lawn are in bloom! It seems like the white ones usually bloom first; later we'll start to see pinkish-purplish ones around our little town.

In the middle of the night a number of years ago, someone thought it would be funny to push our church's Mary statue off of her pedestal. As a result, her head was broken clean off of her body. You can still see the scars.

While I was visiting Mary, this little birdie wanted to say hello.

We have quite a few of these sassafras plants growing in our backyard.

On Sunday, Curly and Moe pulled a couple of them out of the ground and chopped up the roots.

Then they boiled the pieces in water for several minutes,

and Voila', Sassafras Tea!

I prefer mine over ice.

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