Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Blessed Christmas To All

It's late. I have an unfinished to-do list. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. There are still rooms to clean, presents to wrap, and pies to make. We had a big snowstorm here on Saturday, and that has distracted me somewhat from my Advent chores. I have neglected my blog, but not because I've been to busy with other things. Truthfully, amid all the pre-Christmas chaos and the snow, I have taken frequent breaks at the computer--besides ordering gifts online I have managed to keep up with my Facebook page, as well as *some* of the blogs I like to read. Our family has tried to keep our minds focused on Christ this Advent; we light the Advent wreath every night and the kids add one more item to our Advent calendar. Today it was a camel; tomorrow it's Baby Jesus. At the beginning of Advent, we started a tradition of reading the daily Gospel at dinner when we light the wreath and "do the Advent calendar," although these last few days I have neglected to print them off of the computer. (Next year I'll be able to pull them up on my Droid phone my hubby is giving me for Christmas!) I have been a little discouraged about the wheeling and dealing in Washington, and the increasing possibility that we're entering an era of taxpayer-funded abortions. I hope and pray that Mr. Stupak stands his ground and the language excluding abortion coverage stays in the final bill.

Tonight, I thought I'd share a few photos of the beautiful snow we were blessed with (and it's melting fast--it will be gone before we know it).

On Sunday we were treated to this beautiful view in back of the house.

Lots of shoveling!

Once Moe accepted the inevitability of snow in his boots and inside his jacket, we couldn't keep him out of it.

The boys built a tiny igloo for the neighborhood cats, but I don't think they were impressed.

Curly and Moe helped their friends build a regular-sized igloo in their yard.

It isn't quite finished yet

Curly and his friend decided to make a peephole.

This is what my front hallway has looked like since Saturday.

It's always good to have hot chocolate on hand after a day of fun in the snow!
I wish you all a safe and blessed Christmas! Glory to the newborn King!

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  1. oh boy the snow looks cold.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Sharon.


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