Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Take on the Notre Dame Scandal

I can't keep my mouth shut about this any longer. My motto usually tends to be, "Mind Your Own Business." Maybe this isn't my business, but as a pro-life Catholic I'm making it my business. I just emailed the following letter to Father John Jenkins, the president of Notre Dame University:

Dear Father Jenkins,
I am writing to you regarding your recent invitation for President Barack Obama to speak at Notre Dame's commencement ceremonies this year, and your plans to present him with an Honorary Doctor of Law degree. I have been hesitant to voice my opinion until now, frankly, because I am not in any way affiliated with the University of Notre Dame. However, as a Catholic and a mother of three sons who I hope may one day attend a Catholic institution like Notre Dame, I want to make sure my children are attending a school that will support the teachings of the Catholic Church.
I suppose it may be unrealistic for me to expect you to un-invite President Obama, but in light of the radical views on abortion and other life issues that Mr. Obama has clearly expressed, and indeed has already begun to impose, I feel that rescinding your invitation to him would in fact be appropriate and even necessary. Notre Dame is a Catholic university, and a Catholic university must uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church. Having a pro-abortion politician, even a popular United States President, speak to the graduating class of Notre Dame would send a message to the students and the general public that Notre Dame University has chosen to disregard Church teaching that abortion is an intrinsic evil. Honoring Mr. Obama with a law degree would further solidify this message; as you know, President Obama has voiced his opinion that Roe v. Wade was a good and lawful decision, and in fact, has promised to overturn abortion restrictions already in place by signing the Freedom of Choice Act. Do you really want to honor him for these views?
I know another priest named Father Jenkins. He was the first priest who I had the privilege of getting to know personally. He taught me the faith and brought me into the Catholic Church. He married my husband and me, and baptized our first child. I can tell you that had this Father Jenkins been the president of a university, he would not have considered inviting any abortion advocate like President Obama. This Father Jenkins holds fast to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Please reconsider your invitation. Notre Dame's integrity is more important than the prestige of having Mr. Obama speak there.

If you want to make this your business, too, click here.


  1. I think you did a great job with this letter. Very well written!

  2. Great letter. Even though I am not a Catholic, as a Christian, I too signed the petition.
    This is a slap in the face of all that is pure and righteous.


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